Company Overview

African Power Initiative Limited (API) aims to provide a clean, competitive and high-quality energy option that will contribute to sustainable development, community empowerment and the overall improvement of human and environmental conditions across Africa. Founded in 2008 by Ethiopian entrepreneur Marcos Bitew,API implements a business model that was developed to create a sustainable and highly-profitable enterprise with a deep commitment to local economic development and environmental responsibility.


API production Model

API’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility is embodied throughout its business plan. API utilizes a bio-diverse portfolio of feedstock (non-food) crops which have demonstrated success by growing on semi-arid land in the region. The project involves vast reforestation with oilseed-bearing trees that sequester CO2 for over 70 years, whereby API achieves a low-carbon life cycle for its fuels and reverses the trend of land degradation.

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API has identified seed source options that are common in Uganda: Castor seeds, Jatropha seeds, Candlenut seeds, and Croton seeds, with special emphasis on Castor plant’s hybrid variety as their dedicated plantation and candlenut, Croton and jatropha from out growers. These offer the highest oil yield and thus the highest wealth for the company and farmers In Uganda, API is practicing mechanized commercial production of hybrid castor in Namalu, Karamoja.



  • Kampala Regional Office
  • Internal Analytical Research Laboratory
  • Local & International Collaborations
  • Out Growers Scheme
  • Mini & grand refinery
  • Rural farm in Namalu Karamoja



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Tel: +256 414 662 547

Fax: +256 414 662 548